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National Tsing Hua University Procedure for Expense Reimbursement of Student Clubs










Student Club Expense Reimbursement

1. 受理經費核銷。

The DSA receives and reviews the club's accounting of expenses.

2. 粘存單上的金額欄用阿拉伯數字填寫。「承辦人」處蓋報帳者私章。用途及說明要填寫清楚,並註明為**社。

In the Form for Attachment of Invoices and Receipts, expenses should be written in Arabic numerals. The personal seal of the event organizer should be stamped in the "event organizer" column. The "purpose and explanation" for the funds used should be clearly stated and the club's name listed as "XX Student Club."

3. 用發票或收據報帳,抬頭寫國立清華大學,勿寫國立清華大學**社。品名、數量、單價及總價需填寫清楚,最下面的總計須以國字大寫填寫。如有塗改,塗改處必須加店章。

Government Uniform Invoices (GUI) or receipts must be presented that list "National Tsing Hua University" in their title ("NTHU XX Student Club" should not be used). The names, amounts, unit prices, and total amounts of items should be written clearly. The total amount for reimbursement at the bottom should be written in complex-form Chinese numerical characters (bank anti-fraud characters). The seal of the merchant must be stamped at any place where a number has been changed.

4. 所有單據均應註明統一編號(46804804);廠商之店章、店名及地址要清晰,發票的店章中必須有廠商統一編號、店名、地址及負責人姓名;收據的店章中若無統一編號者,請廠商於店章下方填寫統一編號,收據須加蓋負責人之私章;收銀機的發票可以報帳,但須於發票上註明購買內容或附一張購物明細單,並於發票上加蓋報帳人之私章。

All receipts must contain the Government Uniform Invoice Number (46804804) and the seal, name, and address of the merchant must be clear. If the merchant's seal does not contain its GUI number, the merchant should be requested to write it underneath, and the merchant's responsible person must add their own seal to the receipt. A cash register receipt may be used to declare expenses, but the item purchased must be written on the receipt or a list of purchased items must be attached, and the personal seal of the applicant for reimbursement must be stamped on the receipt.

5. 計畫類經費由課外組自行上會計系統報核。

For reimbursement of project expenses, the DSA may directly enter the information into the accounting system.

6. 單位經費且一級單位有授權者由課外組自行上會計系統報核。

For reimbursement of DSA expenses which have received authorization from a first-level administrative unit (the Office of Student Affairs), the DSA may directly enter the information into the accounting system.

7. 單位經費但一級單位未授權者由課外組自製清單後送學務處轉會計室報核。

For reimbursement of DSA expenses which have not received authorization from the Office of Student Affairs, the DSA will produce a statement of expenses and submit it to the accounting department of the Office of Student Affairs for approval. 

1. 報銷清單

Statement of Expense Reimbursement

2. 支出憑證粘存單

Form for Attachment of Invoices and Receipts

3. 社團活動經費收支結算表

Club activity expenditure account statement


National Tsing Hua University Guidelines for Financial Support for Club Activities 







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