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Meet the staff in Division of Student Activities (DSA)

Director Dr. WU, Shun-Chi (吳順吉) TEL: (03) 51-62070 Deputy: Ms. FENG, Wan-Ching

1.  Directing the vision and mission of DSA

2.  Planning, managing and promoting affairs of the DSA

3.  Managing the space and equipment of student clubs

4.  Allocating budget for the DSA
Executive Officer

Ms. FENG, Wan-Ching (馮琬靜)

TEL: (03) 51-62077 Deputy: Ms. WU, Hui-Ting、Ms. LIN, Peng-Yu

1.  Managing and implementing overall businesses of DSA

2.  T/Q funding management

3.  Integrated services (Personnel & Accounting)

4.  Sports clubs related businesses

5.  Administrative meetings

6.  Cross-Strait Postgraduate Academic Forum between Tsing-Hua Universities of Taiwan and Beijing

Officer Ms. WU, Hui-Ting (吳惠婷) TEL: (03) 51-62075 Deputy: Ms. WANG, I-Ling

1.  College/ University Expo

2.  Music clubs related businesses

3.  NTHU graduate association/ graduation activities

4.  Guess Who NTHU- A Lunch Meeting with the President

Officer Ms. HO, Chih-Yi  (何芷儀) TEL: (03) 51-62070 Deputy: Ms. WANG, I-Ling、Ms. LIN, Yi-Hsuan

1.  NTHU International volunteers

2.  Service clubs (B) related businesses

3.  Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection

Assistant Officer Mr. CHEN, Ming-Teh (陳明德) TEL: (03) 51-62076 Deputy: Ms. LIN, Ya-Chi

 1.  Facilities/Venues/Equipment management

(including International Student Activity Center (ISAC) in Feng Yun Building & Lecture Hall 102)

2.  Procurement for office stationery

3.  Gifts management

4.  New club application & activity certification application

5.  Academic clubs related businesses

6.  China Youth Corps related businesses
Administrative Assistant Ms. YANG, Wen-Ting (楊文婷) TEL: (03) 5715131
Ext: 34718
Deputy: Ms. WU, Hui-Ting

1.  NTHU Elite Camp (club leaders training program)

2.  Student club regulations

3.  School anniversary festivities (school fairs & concerts)

4.  NTHU Student Association

5.  Autonomic clubs related businesses

6.  Monthly club meeting for club leaders

Administrative Assistant Ms. LIN, Peng-Yu  (林芃瑀) TEL: (03) 51-62074 Deputy: Ms. YANG, Wen-Ting

1.  Meichu Games (Meichu Work Club & concerts & promotional activities)

2.  Summer/ Winter camps

3.  Supervising student assistants

4.  Functional clubs related businesses

5.  Tuition fee, certificates of appointment & school parking permits for club instructors

6.  DSA website maintenance

7.  LED Display board at Food Court & Shui Mu Student Center
Administrative Assistant Ms. WANG, I-Ling  (王憶綾) TEL: (03) 51-62073 Deputy: Ms. LIN, Peng-Yu

1.  Dr. Mei Yi-Chi Memorial Prize

2.  Cross-Strait cultural exchange (Tsing-Hua Universities of Taiwan and Beijing Go and Bridge competition)

3.  Skill clubs related businesses

4.  International cultural exchange programs

5.  NTHU high school teacher camp

6.  High school expo

7.  International young ambassador exchange (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Administrative Assistant Ms. LIN, Ya-Chi  (林雅琪) TEL: (03) 5715131
Ext: 34766
Deputy: Mr. CHEN, Min-Teh

1.  Four-Campus Student Events under University System of Taiwan

2. Meichu Games (Schedule planning/Meichu preparatory committee)

3. Arts clubs related businesses

4. In charge of DSA newsletters

5. Property management of DSA

6. NTHU freshman handbook
Administrative Assistant Ms. Wu, Jen-Yu (吳壬瑜) TEL: (03) 51-62072 Deputy: Ms. YANG, Wen-Ting

1. Service-Learning related businesses

2. NTHU student club evaluation

3. Service clubs (A) related businesses

4. Project of secondary/elementary school in educational priority areas (Ministry of Education)

Administrative Assistant Ms. LIN, Yi-Hsuan  (林羿瑄) TEL: (03) 51-62071;(03)5715131 Ext: 74102 (Nanda campus) Deputy: Ms. HO, Chih-Yi

1.  Facilities/Venues/Equipment management (Nanda campus)

2.  Audiovisual rooms and poster management (Nanda campus)

3.  Assisting Service-Learning related businesses

4.  Shing-Jian Award

5.  General clubs related businesses

Contract Staff Mr. WU, Hui-Song  (吳惠松) TEL: (03) 5715131 Ext: 34719

1.    Facilities/equipment management

2.    Venue/equipment rentals

3.    Delivering office documents
Contract Staff
Mr. PENG, Hsien-Cheng  (彭顯彰) TEL: (03) 5715131 Ext:  34719
1.   Facilities/equipment management

2.   Venue/equipment rentals

3.   Delivering office documents
Contract Staff
Mr. YUAN, Chao-Ping (袁朝平) TEL: (03) 5715131 分機 34719

1.     Facilities/equipment management

2.     Venue/equipment rentals

3.   Delivering office documents


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