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National Tsing Hua University Procedure for Student Club Funding Applications










Student Club Applications for Activity Expenses

1. 社團申請經費。

The student club makes an application for reimbursement of expenses.

2. 活動可申請「大型活動」補助經費,全校性比賽、或比賽規模超過五校以上可申請「出賽費」(國際性比賽另專案申請),補助金額視當年度預算核給。

In cases where an application can be made for reimbursement of expenses for "large-scale activities," or for school-wide competitions, or competitions involving five or more schools where applications can be made for "competition expenses" (applications for international competitions are considered separately on an ad-hoc basis), the amount of the subsidy will be approved and paid based on the given year's budget.

3.  於公告期間績優社團補助可申請器材新購、器材修繕與社區服務等三項。

During the publicly announced period, an outstanding club may apply for purchases of new equipment, equipment repairs, and community services.

4. 如非屬績優社團補助,則至課外組網頁填寫線上報告。

In cases other than subsidies for outstanding clubs, the club should fill out an online report form on the DSA website to apply for reimbursements.

5. 申請績優社團補助者填寫表1/2

To apply for reimbursements for an outstanding club, the club will need to fill out Form 1 and Form 2.

6. 課外組開會討論補助額度,由組長核定最後補助額度。

The DSA will convene a meeting to discuss the amount of the reimbursement, and a final decision on the amount will be made by the director of the DSA.

7. 公告核定結果。

The DSA will announce the reimbursement that has been approved.

1. 績優社團經費申請表

Application Form for Expenses of Outstanding Student Clubs

2. 活動申請表

Student Club Activity Application Form

3. 活動紀錄報告表

Student Club Activity Report

4. 社團活動經費收支結算表

Student Club Expense Statement


Forms No. 2-4 above are online forms


National Tsing Hua University Guidelines for Financial Support for Club Activities 



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