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National Tsing Hua University Guidelines for Financial Support for Club Activities

Article 1
These Guidelines are enacted in accordance with Article 22 of the National Tsing Hua University Regulations for the Supervision of Student Club Activities, to enhance the effective use of funds and for sound management of internal accounting.

Article 2
Except where otherwise provided by law or regulation, subsidies for and reporting of student club expenses shall be carried out in accordance with these Guidelines.

Article 3
A student club can apply for subsidies for activities which meet the purpose of club, benefit and facilitate club management, or for items purchasing or repair.
Activities for entertainment (such as welcome activities, farewell parties or outings) cannot be applied for subsidies.

Article 4
Methods for funding application:
A student club should follow the procedures announced by the Division of Student Activities (DSA) to apply for funds via the DSA Club Management System or apply for subsidies for outstanding clubs.

Article 5
Standards for budget subsidies:
(1)    The amount of subsidies will be determined by the innovation, creativity and visibility of events, the request for the purchase of supply items and equipment, the result of club evaluation in the previous academic year, club regular performance, documents submission and the DSA annual budget.  
(2)    Clubs who finish in the top three places in a national competition, in addition to approval of subsidies for all expenses, will receive an additional 30 percent for a first-place finish, 20 percent for a second-place finish, and 10 percent for a third-place finish. The number of times subsidies are provided and their amounts will depend on overall budgetary planning by the DSA.
(3)    Subsidies for student autonomous clubs: In principle, no subsidies will be offered except in the case of ad hoc applications that are approved for special activities.
(4)    Extra costs for club activities (such as overtime pay for administrative personnel and cleaning fee): Any extra costs for club activities, except where approval is given on an ad-hoc basis, shall be paid by the student club.

Article 6
Application for subsidies for outstanding clubs:
(1)    A club applying for an outstanding club subsidy shall submit an application before the deadline that includes at least the following information:
A.    Application form for subsidies for outstanding clubs.
B.    Activity reports for the preceding year.
C.    Budget execution report for the preceding year.
D.    Description of the need for subsidies.
E.    Effectiveness evaluation: The goals of holding events and their expected benefits.
(2)    Reviews of applications for subsidies for outstanding clubs will be undertaken by a committee comprised of the DSA staff members (who give assistance of student clubs) as ex-officio members, with the director of the DSA serving as convener of the committee.
(3)    In addition to submitting the application within the deadline, a club must also comply with a DSA request to appear at the review committee to provide oral explanations.
(4)    After the review committee has deliberated and approved a specific amount, the DSA will announce the result of the review. The subsidized club must complete an application for the activity two weeks before the activity and complete an activity report no later than two weeks after the activity. The procedure for claiming reimbursement and allocation of the subsidy may only begin after those items are completed. 
(5)    A club that receives a subsidy for equipment priced over NTD 10,000 must submit the purchase and reimbursement documents within the deadline set by the DSA; the DSA will not accept submissions after the deadline.

Article 7
(1)    Every activity should be applied two weeks before it starts via the Club Management System. The subsidy of the activity will be
cancelled by the DSA for late application.
(2)    Reimbursement deadline:
A.    A subsidized club must fill out an online event report form, then upload the final report and complete the review and reimbursement procedures within two weeks after the event. Late applications will not be accepted (please verify receipts and submit the materials required above when making a reimbursement claim). Claims with insufficient information will not be accepted. Two weeks after the event" refers to 14 calendar days starting from the last day of the activity. A 20 percent reduction in the subsidy will result when an application is submitted more than two weeks after the event date. A 50 percent reduction in the subsidy will result when an application is submitted more than one month after the event date, and applications submitted more than two months after the event will not be accepted. Calculation of the date will begin from the event date of the large-scale event. Under special circumstances, after an application is approved, the above restrictions will not apply.
(3)    The reimbursement deadline at the end of the fiscal year (November to December) must be in line with the reimbursement deadline of the school, and will be announced separately by the DSA.

Article 8
Subsidy standards and final report:
(1)    Club activity expenses: To be handled in accordance with these Guidelines.
(2)    Payments for supervising instructors of clubs: To be handled in accordance with the National Tsing Hua University Guidelines for Student Club Applications for Payment of Supervising Instructors.

Article 9
These Guidelines, and any amendments to them, will be implemented after passage by a meeting of the DSA and approval by the Vice President for Student Affairs.



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