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Service Learning

The Service-Learning program at National Tsing Hua University has been operating and promoting for more than 10 years with the efforts of the Division of Student Activities and Residential College. Service-Learning courses emphasize both “serving” and “learning”. Students can learn the value of service, obtain their personal satisfaction and increase their confidence through service-learning courses.

To take the course, students have to log in the NTHU Academic Information Systems. The course code of Service-Learning courses is ‘ZY’.

 "Service Learning" is a required zero-credit subject. You are required to participate in 60-hour courses at least before you graduate. The passing standard is C-. If you fail the course, you are required to retake it.

 The Service-Learning course will be given by the following two types of units:

  By Departments and Interdisciplinary: Some general works related to the department, including professional course issues and learning issues. It is aimed at promoting students to apply what they've learned to further their learning effectiveness.

  By the Division of Students Activities and Residential College: Students clubs, administrative offices, and volunteer groups will offer works that aimed at helping others in order to achieve the goal of "learning by doing" and "training students with essential abilities".

Contact Info for Service-Learning Coordinators

  ◆  Division of Student Activities:

Miss Wu/(03)5715131 Ext.62072

In charge of overall service-learning related business

  ◆  Residential College:

Miss He/(03)5715131 Ext.62567

In charge of overall service-learning related business

  ◆  Division of Curriculum:

Miss Hu/(03)5715131 Ext.31395

Miss Cheng/(03)5715131 Ext. 31393

In charge of course selection

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