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National Tsing Hua University Safety Guidelines for Student Club Activities

Article 1
These Guidelines are enacted in accordance with Article 21 of the National Tsing Hua University Regulations for the Supervision of Student Club Activities, to ensure safety at student club activities safety and to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Article 2
Student clubs must request permission and receive approval before holding any activity. All participants in off-campus activities must purchase accident insurance (each person must be insured for an amount of at least NTD 1 million, and for hiking activities, the insured amount shall be at least NTD 2 million per person). 

Article 3
A student club that holds an on-campus or off-campus activity must submit application information through the club management system managed by the Division of Student Activities (DSA) two weeks prior to the activity. The DSA, depending on the type of activity, may require that a club holding an activity submit parental approval forms and proof of insurance for all participants. The student clubs may then proceed with the activity only after receiving permission from the DSA.

Article 4
If a student club that has received permission for an on-campus or off-campus activity holds the activity as scheduled and an accident occurs, the responsible person for the activity or a club representative must immediately report the accident to the DSA for handling, and must also inform the families of the participants.

Article 5
The DSA may cancel or postpone an activity in consideration of the weather, natural disasters or infectious diseases when a student club prepares or holds an activity either on or off campus.

Article 6
A student participating in an activity must not leave the group and act alone, and must not on their own enter any restroom, bathing room, or building in a secluded area. 

Article 7
A student that is not feeling well or is suspected to have an infectious disease must not be compelled to participate in any activities.

Article 8
No student may ride a motorcycle or drive a car without a license or take part in any motor vehicle racing. A student must wear a helmet with the chin strap fastened. They must also carry their driver's license and vehicle registration. In areas where road conditions are poor, students should be cautious and adjust their schedule. Students should not ride motorcycles or drive at night in poor road conditions. 

Article 9
If an accident occurs or students get lost, they should remain calm, cooperative, and assist each other as they try to escape the danger or wait for help. If the accident is serious, students must follow the National Tsing Hua University Student Club Procedures for Handling Accidents in Off-Campus Activities.

Article 10 
A student club holding an off-campus activity must return to the campus at the originally scheduled time, and must submit an activity report within two weeks after the end of the activity. If any individuals leave the group early during the return to campus, they must first report to and receive approval from the responsible person of the activity or a group representative, and report to them after they return to home (or campus). 

Article 11
Any student who acts on their own without authorization and in violation of the above guidelines will be referred for discipline in accordance with the regulations for student rewards and punishments. 

Article 12
These Guidelines, and any amendments to them, will be implemented after passage by a meeting of the DSA.



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