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Starting A Club

Starting A Club
A. The Procedure of Starting A Club
Start a student club, students should gather more than 30 members, and then submit the application to Division of Student Activities (DSA) under Office of Student Affairs. After receiving the application, DSA should hold a meeting of Club Verification Committee. If the founding purpose is similar to any existing club, or not appropriate, the application will not be verified. Appliers can appeal against Student Club Appeal Committee, and run the procedures under the committee. 
Applications for starting a new club should be submitted before every April with the following documents:
a. Application form for club registration
b. Registration form for student club activity
c. Annual Activity Plans
d. Description form of the club instructor
e. Description form of the club leader
f. Draft charter for organization details (A4 vertical format)
g. Medium 3-year development plan (A4 vertical format)
B. Verification Procedure
Applications for starting a new club should follow the listed process: 
a. When verifying, the Verification Committee has the right to demand detailed description from DSA and the founders of the club. 
b. Once a club is verified, DSA is responsible for making the announcement. 
c. Hardcopy appeals for the decision of Verification Committee should be lodged within two weeks after the official announcement by the founders of the club. It is noticed that the appeal can only be made once. 
C. Club Verification Committee
Club Verification Committee is comprised of seven members, including the DSA director as the convener, three staff members from DSA, president of NTHU Student Association, and two elected student representatives.
D. Club Charter
NTHU student club charter should include:
1. Club title (“National Tsing Hua University” should be embodied)
2. Founding purpose
3. Organization and responsibilities of the staffs
4. Conditions of joining, quitting, and expelling from the club
5. Rights and obligations of members
6. Numbers of staffs, limits of authority, the term of office, election, and expulsion
7. Calling a meeting and coming to a resolution
8. Expenditure and accounting
9. Charter amendment 
10. Date of setting charter
E. Club Establishment and Registration
Clubs that have finished their verification procedure should instantly begin gathering club members before 15th of June for the DSA to hold the Club Verification Committee, adopt club charters, elect club managers and officers. 
Within two weeks after the club is officially established, the record of the Club Verification Committee and profiles of the club leader and club officers are required for registration at the DSA office. Only until then will the club obtain an official seal.
Club seals should not be privately inscribed. If a club ever loses its seal, it should apply for a reissue by the DSA and afford the extra expense for a reissue.
Amendments to documents of the club charter, description forms of the club instructor, leader, and officers, club finance, etc. could only be made within a week after the club is officially established.
F. Amendments to Club Officers and Name of Clubs
An official handover from a current club leader to a successive one is made through submitting a list of names of the new club officers. This list should be submitted before the deadline set by the DSA. 
To alter the name of a club, the club should apply for an amendment each year by May. It is noted that once an application for amendments to club names is sent, sending another application within the next academic year is not allowed.
G. Restarting a Club
To restart a club, the club should apply to found a student group based on similar interest. Time of accepting applications for starting student groups of similar interest and school clubs is the same. Once the club evaluation of a student group is above C, restart of the club is approved. 
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