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National Tsing Hua University Procedures for Application and Review for Student Club Activities



作業內容 Procedure

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相關法規 Regulations


Application and Review for Club Activities 

1. 社團提出活動申請,依是否需經費補助,至課外組網頁提出大型活動或線上報告,如為大型活動並需檢附表1及表2

A club submits an application, and depending on whether or not it requires a subsidy, submits an application for a large-scale activity or an online report through the Division of Student Activities (DSA) website. For a large-scale activity, Forms Nos. 1 and 2 should be filled out.

2. 承辦人簽核。

The application is signed by the activity organizer.

3. 社團借用場地及器材。

The student club reserves the venue and equipment.

4. 社團辦理活動。

The student club holds the event as planned.

5. 社團活動辦理完成後恢復場地及歸還器材。

The student club restores the venue to its original condition after the activity and returns all equipment.

6. 社團提出結案申請。

The club submits application for reviewing.

7. 審核通過後進行經費核銷及登錄社團證明。

After the reviewing is approved, the club can claim the reimbursement and register for the club activity certificate.

1. 活動申請表

Club Activity Application

2. 活動企劃書

Club Activity Proposal

3. 場地申請表

Venue Reservation Form

4. 報帳粘存單

Form for Attachment of Invoices and Receipts

1.  國立清華大學學生社團活動輔導辦法

National Tsing Hua University Regulations for the Supervision of Student Club Activities 

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