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About DSA

About DSA

Introduction of DSA

    The Division of Student Activities (DSA) is the gateway for those who want to participate in school clubs or school activities at NTHU. A wide variety of school activities is held every year at NTHU, including university anniversary celebrations, Meichu Games and summer and winter camps. DSA plays a crucial role in giving assistance and guidance to student clubs and student activities. DSA is in charge of student club counseling, applications for student activities, applications for venues and equipment on campus. The mission of the DSA is to give students at NTHU a wonderful and unforgettable college life.


    The office of DSA is located on the second floor of Mon Man-Wai Building (Student Activity Center).

DSA's Main Services

Club Activities
There are over 170 student clubs at NTHU. All clubs can be classified into nine categories: academic, skills, music, service, sports, art, student autonomic, general, and functional clubs. All clubs provide student opportunities to develop their mental, social skills and leadership.

Summer and Winter Camps
Some student clubs and student associations of NTHU hold summer and winter camps during summer and winter vacations. These camps are open to high school students, junior high school students and elementary school students. Diverse activities and lessons are provided to students in the camps, which help them deepen their understanding of NTHU.

Meichu Games

The Meichu Games, held in the spring time by NTHU and NCTU (National Chiao Tung University), is known as one of the important events to our university. Students can strengthen their loyalty to the university by participating in a series of activities.

Anniversary Celebration
There is always full of joyful atmosphere for celebrating the school anniversary in April each year. Festivities like concerts, school fairs, and performances and other events hosted by student clubs heartily welcome everyone to enjoy!

Service Learning
"Service Learning" is a zero-credit subject for undergraduates. Students are required to participate at least 60 hours of course before you graduate. The passing standard is C- and a retake is needed if you fail.
The Service Learning courses are run by the two types of units:
a. By departments and interdisciplinary: the courses provided by departments are included administrative works, after-school tutoring, and volunteering works to students. These courses are aimed to encourage the students to apply what they've learned to further their learning effectiveness.
b. By Division of Students Activities (DSA) and Residential College (RC): collaborating with DSA and RC, student clubs, administrative offices, and volunteer groups offer service works for students to develop students’ skills and to achieve the goal of “learning by doing”.

NTHU International Volunteers
Since 2007, “NTHU International Volunteering Project” has been established to cultivate students’ international mindedness. The program has already supported hundreds of students volunteering overseas, including China, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Belize, Ghana, Tanzania, Republic of Kenya and Republic of Sierra Leone. Students who are selected as a member of international volunteers must be trained and execute the project in one year. After finishing their service works, volunteers share their experiences with students during the “volunteering week” in October.

Cross-Strait Program
DSA selects students at a regular basis as representatives for short-term visits (about one or two weeks) to several outstanding institutions in Mainland China, including Xiamen University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Dalian University, Nanjing University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Lanzhou University, Kowloon Chamber of Commerce, and Fujian Provincial Cross-Strait Talents Communication and Cooperation Association.

Contact us

E-mail : dsa@my.nthu.edu.tw
facebook : NTHU課外組


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